Real Estate Investing

    If you are a flipper, rehabber, investor or wholesaler, you need Sara Marie Brenner, REALTOR® representing you!

    Brenner has been involved in real estate since 2009, holds a Masters of Business Administration (which means she understands the business side of investing in real estate), has doctoral level coursework in finance (did we mention she gets the numbers?), is earning a certificate in real estate investing at Harvard University, works with investors regularly and is an investor herself,  earned and also taught the Pricing Strategy Advisor certification (which means she understands how to price properties for AVR and CMAs), and understands what you’re looking for as an investor.

    Let’s do this… Please schedule a complimentary phone consultation with Sara Marie to see whether she may be a good fit for you. No obligation, and you won’t know the value she will bring to your business if you don’t try!